8/16/10 – Daily Dumb Dumb

So, I brought my son to work with me today because he has a doctor appointment at 1:30. His Doctors office is right by work which also happens to be 30 minutes from home. So, I figured take him to work, take him to the Dr. and then we can hang out today. This way I wouldn’t have to leave early to go back home, pick him up and then come all the way back to LWR. Well… my dumb self forgot to grab his shot records and so, now my WHOLE GREAT PLAN is Trashed.

8/12/10 – Daily dumb dumb

Talking to my sister on the way to work and I passed my exit. So, instead of being my customary 5 to 10 minutes late for work… I was WELLLLL over 15. I’m such a idiot!

8/11/10 – daily dumb dumb

Can someone tell me why I have bought my 3rd planner in the past month? The first one I did hate. The 2nd worked fine. But I saw the cutest planner today and HAD to have it! I can’t even return them becuase as soon as I get a new one I have to fill on all the important dates and contact info… I guess another reason why I am still on the short bus – round and round-