In case you needed another reason…


This article is GREAT! This article speaks of how having sex with your partner has many benefits besides the obvious, immediate ones! Well, duh. God gave it to us for a reason other than just making babies he made it to be enjoyable., and to connect.

I also, know that with so much stress in the world, just finding the time to make love to your partner can be like looking for buried treasure with no map…. ¬†But imagine the feelings you get when you find it.

The article suggest that making love just one time a week can really help a relationship, it list that it is good for men’s prostate health, promotes self-esteem, relieves stress and boost your immune system… Just in time for flu season. ūüėČ

I do have to say that whenever I feel a disconnect with my husband it is because I haven’t had a REAL conversation with him in days outside of how was your day, what bills are do… blah blah blah! -and we haven’t had a good romp. The act of intimacy is indirect communication, and being intimate is being in that persons innermost parts…. thoughts, mind, feelings. And it feels *F-bomb* AMAZING!

It is easy to get lost in a relationship and fall into ruts but you really can see how finding that connect even if it is once a week is so important and if it helps me to fight off the flu, or become successful .. even more reason to get in between the sheets!



Running for a Cause

This weekend coming up October 16th, 2010 I will be participating in my first 5k! Which I am so excited about. I have been wanting to do one of these forever, but lacked focus and commitment! But I am really going to do it!

My brother, sister in-law, KeVaughn and myself will be walking for Elijah! The 5k is to support and bring awareness for the Fetal Hope Foundation. This is obviously something that hits home for me, Because of Eli. ¬†Anything I can do that can potentially help him and babies and families like him is ¬†important to me. This may seem selfish but I’m in love with my nephew and want him to get the best care and find answers to his issues and doing so will help other families that are experiencing some of the same issues.

I’m also, doing this to support Emily and my brother for although we are a very close family they deal with this on another level. For them to be around other children and parents that share experiences is important for them. To talk about the illness with people who know their language, has to bring a sense of comfort and bond that I won’t get.

I am also doing this to educate myself more. The more I know about what my nephew is dealing with and will need to deal with in the future the more I can support all of them. So… If anyone is interested in learning more please follow the link.

If anyone would like to donate for the cause you can do so via the link and or contact me!


Oh so many benefits of Papaya

I was first introduced to this phenomenon during my early 20’s when I couldn’t control my liquor intake and had many mornings when I wanted to just DIE!. A co-worker told me to drink papaya juice, and that is when I started¬†believing. ¬†Then years later I came across the tablets. These tablets are amazing! They help with everything from my occasional hearburn, IBS, tummy aches, bloating and gas! I was reading the attached article and have been enlightened to all the other benifits this miracale fruit has in its insides!

I’m not trying to get to gross but I do know that after years of being on Pepcid and tums and 7up, this stuff WORKS!!!! The great thing is that you can find it in most drug stores and health food stores. It is usually by the vitamins in the digestive health section. I have turned so many ¬†people on to this that I should be sponsered to a life time supply! Which brings another point! These miracle tablets are pretty cheap. Especially if you are on medication for digestive problems.

All you have to do is just chew a few whenever! before, after or ¬†during your meals… Just eat them, and you only need a few.

In a short time you will be feeling normal again.

Not just frugal but healthy

So, I started this blog to well… the first reason was to give me something to do when I was completely bored at work. ssshhhh. and then it was also, to track ¬†all of my crazy ADHD ideas and random thoughts and projects and life and see what other people are doing. I am also on a long mission of becoming more frugal so that i can enjoy more of life. Life meaning Vacations and traveling and family time and learning and getting to experience COOL stuff and meeting interesting people. I would also, one day like to pay off my student loans and live without a car payment.

I also, want to be healthy and balanced. A lot of people think i am crazy when I say that I need to workout. ¬†(I’m a skinny girl) But let me tell you Skinny does not mean healthy! That is a huge misconception from other unhealthy people. ¬†I think I will find a better view of money and life when I ¬†start taking good care of myself. Right now my life is just this floating to keep my head above water and no real goals. No goals for how I want to look, or what I want to do, or what I might want to do next week. ¬†I feel at times that I am just here. and I really don’t want to feel that way. I feel like I used to have things to look forward to and I have stopped because I let money get in the way. which having money does help but I do have money. I’m just not allocating it correctly.

It is also easy to spend money on dumb stuff if you don’t have a Picture of what you want to save it for. So here is one picture of a GOAL – Family trip in February to Lake Tahoe.