Do you Vajazzle?

Ok, so I must be getting old because I “JUST NOW” came across this. I always thought that the term Vagazzling meant a piercing in the “NO NO” spot, oh how nieve I be!

I’m left with my mouth opened.. why? I mean what occassion besides maybe your honeymoon.. but what occassion would require this? From what small research I have done it can cost from $50 bucks and up.. which may be why I  have never heard of this, I’m trying to be frugal here and I can garuntee that whomever is getting this done, that word is not in their vocabulary. This completely blows my hair back and leaves my mouth wide open with a laugh in my inner stomach parts.

I want to hear from some men on this one? Do you

A: know what vagazzling is? and

B: does it really do anything more for you?

I’m thinking a little more about the friction this could cause in a compromising position.. hmmmm not good…. I’m sorry in advance for the vulgar quality of this post but this is like a train wreck of sorts I can’t stop looking with amusement.