Living my life with the gas light blinking at me…

Wow! I can’t believe that it is already Thursday and I haven’t made one post in almost a week. This has been some week.  Last week ended with Eli in hospital.. then I had the long weekend, a much needed loooong relaxing weekend. Then I have for some reason been unable to sleep the past few nights, so I’m running on E, but still too tired and no time too sleep! I hate when that happens.

I had a great weekend! Didn’t spend any money except, my loving husband gave me $100 bucks to go and buy myself some new clothes, which I did. I spent every penny and not one penny more or less. 🙂 But, besides that I was really good.

I also, have been keeping my workout schedule.. well, i really don’t have a schedule but I have been making sure that I workout at least three times a week. My legs are sore and I feel like I am gaining weight more than I am toning it all up… but I feel good. Maybe that is why I have so much energy and I am unable to sleep.. who knows!

**Today I had my FRUGAL MOMENT as I went to Target to get my son’s new script and was surprised when the tech told me that it was only $4! And, once again I snagged the free $10 gift card in the target flyer w/ new script. So I made $6 dollars! **

This weekend is the start of Football season, well actually tonight is the start of football season! SO EXCITED about that! I am a poor active Bears Fan! Which usually leads me to a disappointing Sunday, but still I watch and hope! So, that will give me something to do on Sunday’s which usually keeps me at my local sports pub “The Sports Page” or at the Helmsley a hotel resort on the beach a mile from my house where I can sit outside and watch football and take a dip if I get too hot or drown myself in Jack should the Bears be defeated.

So, now that the weekend is approaching again I am trying to get caught up on all my pictures and all the posts that I started and have not finished to post.

as alwaysDon’t Be Plastic. Be Green!”