Dreaming to achieve

Everyone seems to have this list… whether you want to call it a bucket list, dreams, goals, life list what ever it wants to be called…. whatever it be: I thought I should make mine. I love list. I get so much more done when I have things written down and a visual goal and time frame in mind. I think that we all should have things in life that we look forward to and we work toward. But only if you accomplish them. Otherwise what is the point of making a list? If you don’t accomplish them then it just becomes a list of disappointment and regrets… so lets not let that happen!

1. Pay off my student loans.. (this will occur in 20 years at the rate I am paying them… but it will happen) ($25k)

2. Send my son to Camp Woodward. (Summer of 2011)

3. Build a dream house with my husband.

4. Open my own store. ( A Don’t B Plastic B Green Store)

5. Visit Aulstralia.

6. Visit Japan.

7. Pay off ALL my debt. ($35k to go)

8. Volunteering time to help someone in need.

9. Would like to volunteer to help build a habitat home.

10. Watch my son achieve his dreams.

11. Make curtains for my living room. (should always have a few easily achievable dreams) I’m going to have to make curtains for the bedroom now! I found a great deal on one’s for the living room!

12. Bake a cake.

13. Host a dinner party a dinner party where everyone gets dressed up and I have table linens. (I’m young and I have never done this)

14. Make a quilt.

15. Visit Ireland.

16. Pay off a car. (I’m about a year away)

17. Remodel an old home with my husband.

18. Have my own workshop to craft in. (My wonderful husband has started this project for me) Wahoo! October 2010

19. Have a home with a pool house.

20. Give an inspirational speech.

21. Inspire someone to do good.

22. Donate a car to charity.

23. Pay for a strangers groceries.

24. Scuba the great barrier reef with my husband and KeVaughn.

25. See the Iguazu Falls.

Not my pic... not yet.. working on getting one for myself.

Iguazu Falls

26. I would like to do a European cruise.

27. Run a marathon. a mini marathon.

Well, I’m not running but I am walking fast in my first 5k (10-16-10). So, I’m putting my dreams into action! And, it feels good!

28. Swim with Dolphins.

29. Sky Dive when I’m 85.

30. Write a book.

31. Speak another language fluently.

32. Take a photography class.

33. Own a Bernina sewing machine. ( I got my Bernina!) Thank you Aunt Jinx!!!!!!!!  11/2/10

34. See U2 in concert.

35. Have 6 months of living expense in savings account.

36. Smile everyday.  SO Far so good 🙂

37. Act in a play.

38. Build a set for a play.

39. Get sexy pictures taken for my husband. (sometime before It isn’t sexy anymore)

40. Work with a personal trainer. ( check this one off baby! Started 11/30/10)

41. Laugh everyday.

42.  Grow a vegetable garden, that produces more then one pepper.

43. Backpack through Europe with my son.

44. Go to Rome and see where it all started…. and eat yummy Italian food.. lots of Italian food!

45. Take Dance classes!

I have more, but haven’t discovered them all yet… so I will add as I figure out what I want to do.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emily
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 17:32:39

    i love that list! you accomplished #21 by inspiring me to do my own bucket list. and that’s good, right?


  2. dontbplastic
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 20:34:57

    I don’t know if I inspired you to do good Em. You’re already amazing to me! you inspire me everyday.. you really do. To write. To be a better mom… to not take for granted anything…..


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