Beeeeeeeeer again.

I recently posted about my new obsession with BEER! So, this week my addiction has been turned on to Stone Smoked Porter! It is dark, and smooth with a little smoke flavor, hence the name, and absolutely breath taking and mouth watering at the same time. (I better be careful that sounds like the combination of drowning)



I’m on my way to becoming a Beer  professional! I have become a regular at the little Shamrock pub downtown Sarasota, and to say that it is amazingly the best pub ever would be a understatement.  Yes, my husband is on day #11 of being away.. so I have had to fill my time. Not that I turned into a bar fly by any standard, because I have spent most of my time getting house hold projects done. But at the end of the day what is better than cold beer. I have been partaking in the in the pumpkin spice and the Pumpking, which are my fav fall beers so far. Then, a beer angel introduced me to this banana bread beer. OMG! heavenly. it smells sweet to trick the brain but, don’t get it twisted there is no sugar or sweetness in this flavor beyond the smell and name. It does melt in your mouth and fill that gap where desert should be. I’m not going to say that it is low in calories, I have no idea how many calories it has, I mean it is still beer for goodness sake. But it is delicious!

Well, I am ranting on… I had two beers and ready for bed.. but had to express this gift from the beer gods and let anyone who cares to try try try!

Running for a Cause

This weekend coming up October 16th, 2010 I will be participating in my first 5k! Which I am so excited about. I have been wanting to do one of these forever, but lacked focus and commitment! But I am really going to do it!

My brother, sister in-law, KeVaughn and myself will be walking for Elijah! The 5k is to support and bring awareness for the Fetal Hope Foundation. This is obviously something that hits home for me, Because of Eli.  Anything I can do that can potentially help him and babies and families like him is  important to me. This may seem selfish but I’m in love with my nephew and want him to get the best care and find answers to his issues and doing so will help other families that are experiencing some of the same issues.

I’m also, doing this to support Emily and my brother for although we are a very close family they deal with this on another level. For them to be around other children and parents that share experiences is important for them. To talk about the illness with people who know their language, has to bring a sense of comfort and bond that I won’t get.

I am also doing this to educate myself more. The more I know about what my nephew is dealing with and will need to deal with in the future the more I can support all of them. So… If anyone is interested in learning more please follow the link.

If anyone would like to donate for the cause you can do so via the link and or contact me!


Elijah update 10/4/10

I’m putting this in my Brag blog category because I am SO proud of Elijah for being a Fighter and also, of his Mama, who has unselfishly taken all this upon her shoulders and just deals with it!

I went and picked up Elijah and him Mom from the hospital yesterday. They had been there for 2 weeks. That UTI he had in Indiana never cleared up and so 102 fever sent him to hospital and there he stayed. Since he was in the hospital already and wasn’t gaining weight at the rate they are looking for, he had his 2nd surgery. They attached a feeding tube to his stomach. He did gain 2.5 lbs while in the hospital and the chunkier he gets the cuter he gets! He now is 12lbs!  Him gaining weight is So important for him, so that he can reach mile stones like sitting up and crawling. And more surgery’s. I guess the plan now is to get him to 22lbs so that he can have his Kidney transplant surgery.

For those of you who may be interested there is a foundation that supports kids like Elijah.

Fetal Hope Foundation…

Also, we as in Emily, Lee and Elijah and myself are driving up to Jacksonville, FL to walk the 5k in support for the Fetal Hope Foundation. You can find information about this event and others on the above link. I am passionate about this of course because I have a direct link to it. But, when you gain more awareness of these issues you will realize that this could happen to any of us.

natural talent

My son — has amazed me since before he was born! And continues on a grand scale everyday! He is now 13 and his natural ability to just be creative and think out the box is awe inspiring to me.  These are some pictures he took with my crappy point and shoot camerea. They are of his skateboard and of Charlie crazy eyes puppy.

Maybe I’m just amazed because he is my son but I think he has “IT”!