Projects I have completed

So, I have been busy and lacking on my pictures and blogging period. SO here are a few of the things I have been working on.

Bridal shower invites. Done and in the mail

.Took longer than I thought. But doesn't everything

took forever.. but worth it!

Here comes the bride!

And, I really wanted a wreath for my door. So this is what I created! Now I just have to figure out how to hang it !

This is also a FRUGAL ALERT! this wreath cost less than $10 to make. It may look like it.. hehe but I love it and I couldn’t afford a $40 wreath like I wanted!

tada! I love it!

See my flowers!

I have done more.. I have been working on my living room. So That will be another post after the weekend! Just need a few more finishing touches!


Invitations my way…

So I am trying something new. I am making or “trying” to make invitations for my soon to be sister in-law’s Wedding shower. These are a few I have mocked up… Haven’t figured this whole thing out yet, and I am trying to keep my budget down, so trying not to spend more than what it would cost to buy invitations in the store. If you have any say so or knowledge on what I am doing wrong or right please let me know.

This is me, trying to be a “Crafty Bitch” love that!

I do want them to look craftyMore to come!