Beeeeeeeeer again.

I recently posted about my new obsession with BEER! So, this week my addiction has been turned on to Stone Smoked Porter! It is dark, and smooth with a little smoke flavor, hence the name, and absolutely breath taking and mouth watering at the same time. (I better be careful that sounds like the combination of drowning)



I’m on my way to becoming a Beer  professional! I have become a regular at the little Shamrock pub downtown Sarasota, and to say that it is amazingly the best pub ever would be a understatement.  Yes, my husband is on day #11 of being away.. so I have had to fill my time. Not that I turned into a bar fly by any standard, because I have spent most of my time getting house hold projects done. But at the end of the day what is better than cold beer. I have been partaking in the in the pumpkin spice and the Pumpking, which are my fav fall beers so far. Then, a beer angel introduced me to this banana bread beer. OMG! heavenly. it smells sweet to trick the brain but, don’t get it twisted there is no sugar or sweetness in this flavor beyond the smell and name. It does melt in your mouth and fill that gap where desert should be. I’m not going to say that it is low in calories, I have no idea how many calories it has, I mean it is still beer for goodness sake. But it is delicious!

Well, I am ranting on… I had two beers and ready for bed.. but had to express this gift from the beer gods and let anyone who cares to try try try!