When technology fails… I get screwed

Banks are always trying to get us to use their new services. Like bill pay. electronic bills. Automatic bill set up. reminders. auto debit. you get the picture.

I have been a little slow in trying this because I have very little faith in banks and even less faith in the postal service of Florida. But, I figured time to try something new. Be adventurous. Get up with the times.

So, I set up all my bills to be paid through bill pay. It is the 5th and I just received a call from my landlord who has yet to receive our rent check. NICE! She didn’t seem to understanding either. I sent her the message that I got that stated that a check went out on the 28th. 3 days til the 1st and a week later still no mullah! So, now I have to take time off work to run a check to her, so that I don’t get charged a late fee.
Thanks on-line bill pay for making my life SOOO  convenient!