Found a great post today! It kind of hit me because I have been a little out of it myself, with not a lot of motivation to wake up in the morning much less crafts or being frugal!

I liked the part about just helping someone, it doesn’t have to be financial but just taking notice of someone else that could use a helping hand or a kind word!

This should be something practiced everyday!


Something new to up-cycle!

So… I bought a desk for KeVaughn.

The Thinkin Spot

The Thinkin Spot

a place where he can do his homework and hopefully this will be the year that he figures out “ORGANIZATION”. I found the desk at goodwill for $25.00, In my quest to be frugal I’m  going to “up-cycle” it.  haha lets see how this one turns out. So far I spent $25.00 bucks. I already had sandpaper, and found the perfect color at Michael’s on clearance. $9.00 for paint and primer. sooooo $35. 00 sooo far. I may actually be the true definition of frugal on this one. But then again I always think that in the beginning.

I’m trying something different with this piece. I have found many blogs on people who paint with regular paint and a paint brush. Or they use a mini foam roller. I found blogs on people who only use spray paint. I found blogs on people who insist that spray paint and foam brushes are all wrong.

I usually use a paint brush. But this piece I am going to try the spray paint. If it doesn’t work out it is easy to sand it off and try it again.



But if anyone has experience of their own with all three please feel free to share your experience with me.

So yeah… I tried the spray paint and after much frustration I have come to realize that I am NOT a spray painter! So I went down to my local Home depot and they matched the color spray paint that I using and I GOT ME SOME PAAINNT.. (I said this in my Forrest Gump voice… I don’t know why but it just came out that way)

So I have it painted and I decided I’m not SUPER crazy about this… something is missing…. SO, I am debating on trying to decoupage the drawers or what I should do to make it say… “Hey I’m wonderful! and people like me!”

I love the color, BUT....

Gettin er done....

The side view

What you think?

I think I am going to try the decoupage on the drawers…

I will let you know how it turns out…

SO Here are some pictures of the decoupage… I’m not sure. I’m very tempted to start it over from scratch.

Maybe just leave the color. take off the pictures and add some knobs… I need to figure this out KeVaughn wants his desk already… haha

Today I received my answer..(8-26-10) “Mom I’m just going to PUT stickers all over it anyways…” Stickers my child wants to stick stickers all over it. “Why did I spend a week of sanding and painting and what not? Go figure… Well. I guess project done! NOw I can work on the million other things I want to do.

Playing with the glue

I may have ate the glue....