Great decorating tips

Again, I was looking on and found these 40 ways to decorate your living room. They have some really great ideas. I am not yet a professional decorator. I won’t even consider myself an amature decorator, I think I am still trying to find my style and also, what really goes together. So Anyways. I found this article and they have some great ideas. ┬áJust in case you are stuck between what you like and what really goes well together.

I usually figure that if “I LIKE” everything that it must GO together. “Because they are all things that I like” Not so much! I usually figure this out after the fact and I’m looking at what I tried to create with a wonder… of why this doesn’t look like it did in my head stance and then disappointment quickly takes its place in my living room. And, I want to start over but then, I’m just so frustrated I give up, and move on tot he next project.

What I have done though is I have started a decor journal, where I started to paste all the things that I like in a journal, with hopes that I can figure out my theme and remember what I like and then try and arrange them together in the journal before embarking on buying and realizing later that I just don’t have a clue!