Frugal Alert 10/19/10

So, it has been awhile since I have posted a frugal alert! But, it has been awhile since I felt that I found a GREAT DEAL!

Well, I have been wanting to re-upholster this old chair that I have and love but have been putting it off. Well, not so much putting it off I have been busy with other things, and I wasn’t going to spend hundreds of dollars to do it, so I was waiting for the right opportunity! Any WHo.. I did.

I had to run into Joanne’s yesterday looking for Crepe paper which does not exist where I live and thought hey check out the clearance rack. The clearance rack was not just the CLEARANCE rack it was a plus 50% more off the clearance rack !!! Wahoo! I found a few different fabrics that I fell in love with but had to settle on one. So the fabric was originally $26.00 a yard. It was marked down to $9.00 a yard and then 50% off that yes I did! I bought great fabric for $4.50 a yard. I bought 3 yards and so a grand total of….. dun dun dun….. $$13.40

So, I have to run back before the sale ends on the 23rd, because I need new foam for the seat cushion and that’snot the cheapest stuff to buy, but If I can walk away with a brand new looking chair for less than $50 I will be a VERY VERY happy FRUGAL chick! I will have to put up pictures of said chair, because it is fabulous and I haven’t done anything to it. I seen one just like it in the pottery barn mag for like $500 dollars! SO PB eat your heart out and weep!


I better save my trash talk for after I finish my project… I don’t want to jinx the situation! Patience is so a virtue!

Projects I have completed

So, I have been busy and lacking on my pictures and blogging period. SO here are a few of the things I have been working on.

Bridal shower invites. Done and in the mail

.Took longer than I thought. But doesn't everything

took forever.. but worth it!

Here comes the bride!

And, I really wanted a wreath for my door. So this is what I created! Now I just have to figure out how to hang it !

This is also a FRUGAL ALERT! this wreath cost less than $10 to make. It may look like it.. hehe but I love it and I couldn’t afford a $40 wreath like I wanted!

tada! I love it!

See my flowers!

I have done more.. I have been working on my living room. So That will be another post after the weekend! Just need a few more finishing touches!

What is Frugal?

So, like I stated I am jump starting my frugal attempts. Which means also, budgeting and saving a little piece of the pie each month. I’m great at finding deals and looking for bargains, but at the end of the day is that being frugal when I still spend all my money and nothing is in the savings account?
frugal [ˈfruːgəl]
1. practising economy; living without waste; thrifty
2. not costly; meagre
[from Latin frūgālis, from frūgī useful, temperate, from frux fruit]

Well, from that definition, I guess I can be frugal and still be broke. As, long as I am not wasting anything.. I’m frugal.
Ok – well, How can I be frugal and be a money saver? I guess wasting money could count as not being frugal. hhhhmmmmmm

Same Game, New Strategy

OK.. So, not that I have any followers but even if you read any of my posts it is not hard to see that I have been lazy in my attempts to be frugal.  I have been lazy in posting and what posts I have posted are lacking WOW and Frugal fabulousness.

I have had a bit of a wacky few weeks that have taken my energy away from such things and the real blog world. I am new to this whole blog thing so I am trying to make habit of recording my life with words and pictures, The words not as hard as remembering to take pictures of everything and I mean everything, like so many fabulous blogs I see.

So, I am aware of how mine lacks the “HOT DAMN!!!” factor. And, I’m trying…

I do have a memory card full of pictures the challenge now is to track down my cord so that I can get said pictures off the camera and into my blog!

I have completed my first wreath that I had to make and have after seeing so many at the store that although absolutely stunning and beautiful, I refused to spend that kind of money on something that doesn’t fly me to my next paradise destination.

I have almost completed decorating my living room. Well, I don’t know if anyone is ever finished decorating, but I’m getting my living room to finally flow.

I got Charlie neutered. ;( – which I posted before was a FRUGAL ALERT! $55.00

My living room will have its own post because it really was a FRUGAL ALERT TREASURE! I’m trying to work with what I have and that ain’t much.. but needless to say I’m making it work.

My husband is gone on business for the next month so my ability to budget and track what is going on should improve. This also, just gives me more free time to get things done and BLOG about it! I am trying to find the positive things of my honey being gone because day 3 and I’m already missing him.

I’m usually good for 14 days and then drastic measures to keep my sanity are needed. But my blog should really grow this month! I do have many things going on month to keep me on my toes and buzzing like a bee. Which is great because I will have much to blog about.

I am planning Emily’s Bridal shower and that takes place on the 6th of November so right around the corner. Trying to plan and decorate and buy gifts and then the 5k this weekend. Which kills a whole weekend so that makes time that much tighter, and then having to budget and still be frugal while having to spend extra to make sure that everything is wonderful for her special day, is another obstacle on my course. So, like I said much to blog AND learn this month!

I am excited!

Trying to be frugal in a relationship

So, I started this blog with the anticipation of charting my life and finances and crafts and ideas so that I could figure where my money was going and be so proud of myself to know that I DO save money and I could watch myself mass a pile of money, from all my frugalness.

Well, this is obviously easier said then done. The hardest part is having a partner that doesn’t think the same way I do. Well, that’s not the hardest part. The hardest part is having a partner that doesn’t have the ability to track… wait a second.. I guess tracking is hard for me too. OK, the hardest part is not having a partner that is better at all these things than I am.  The other hard part is that my income is easier to track because I know how much and when. His income is sporadic, being that he works for himself and has a partner he has to split money with. A business partner.

So, because of these reasons my frugal challenge becomes more challenging. Another, bump in my route to saving money and finding balance. How can I be balanced on a bumpy road?! I try to see the end result but now I feel like I am walking on a financial tightrope during a hurricane.

Am, I making things harder than they really are?

Do I need an attitude adjustment? Do I need a financial gorilla to show me the way?

Am I thinking too much about money and saving it?

What am I not getting? missing? forgetting to apply? Is it me? is it him? is it us?


So, because of the other challenges my blog has gone from, trying to be frugal and crafts and up-cycling to relationship how to’s and complications of life in general. Half the things I start writing about have little to nothing to do with money and being frugal and finding great deals or even spending less on groceries to, to, to this…

How can I make my challenge work? How can I maintain a budget and balanced life and actually be frugal in my marriage?

Weekend is quickly approaching

So, I have been pretty lax the last few weeks as far as creating projects. I have been very focused on saving money instead of paying for my expensive hobbies of “it would be so much cheaper if I did it myself” projects, because 75%of the time they are never cheaper.  SO.

My Brother is getting married in two months and so I have been trying to decide what I can get them and what I can make for them. I have a few ideas, I’m a little wary of sharing them because I do know that “she” reads my blog. But, I did find a few projects that I would like to practice this weekend, and they are cheap because I have all the materials already.

The other thing that I have been wanting to do is make curtains for the… whole house to be honest, but I think that I will have to start with my living room. I am SO over the cheap blinds that are there. Well, they will technically be there still, but I am adding character and warmth by putting up curtains. So, I have been a little bored today so I started browsing the web and ran across some great ideas on Better Homes and Gardens website. I also, received in the mail yesterday a BIG flyer of coupons from Joanne’s fabric store so this may be my sign from the craft gods to start a small new project. I have saved money this week and I have paid all my bills and there is absolutly nothing wrong with making your house a home.  If I find a great deal on fabric this weekend I may have new curtains soon! If not then I will be living without them for a while longer.

I also, always first check at my favorite Goodwill stores for fabric or sheets that I can use to make things. If I can up-cycle something then that always makes me feel better knowing that I am being green. It is that time of year when people start cleaning their homes out getting ready for the holiday season.

Have a great weekend everybody! and like I always say.. don’t b plastic. b green!


This is an alert that “I” actually had an occurrence of being frugal. About 5 years ago I bought this BIG picture frame at Target on clearance. I paid $10.00 for it. The picture inside was this Brandy vintage poster print that I really didn’t like but I bought it because I knew that one day I was going to have the perfect picture to put in it and you can not get a frame this size for $10.00 so…. Again 5 years, 3 apartments, 2 boyfriends, 1 fiancé and 1 husband later I am married and “I DO” have the perfect picture to put in this frame.

I discovered “shutterfly” and I blew up one of our prints to a nice 16×20 for $24.00 and when I took out the OLD ugly vintage brandy print I realized that the matting was not working. So I went to the wonderful world of Michaels (I say this with angelic music playing in the background) I bought the mat and they cut it to size for FREEEEEEEE! And I brought that wonderful perfectly cut and sized mat home and I framed that wonderful picture. Oh I was so amazed that they cut it for free I didn’t add that the mat boards were $5.99 a piece minus my 40% off coupon on one item.. so I ended up paying a little over $10 bucks. So I spent less than $50 bucks on a wonderful big picture. Framed and matted.

Can’t beat that with a bat! Na uh nah uh! I’m a little proud of myself. Should someone actually be able to beat that price… I don’t want to know. Normally I would gladly be open to comments, but I am in my glory here and I don’t want to be reigned down.

OH my god I just realized that not only was I frugal… BUT I just up-cycled that frame! See here is a lesson to everyone, start doing things!By starting these great habits they soon become automatic. You don’t even realize that you are doing them. 2nd nature. That goes for bad habits so don’t start those just good habits.

Don’t B plastic B green!

Learning to be frugal

So, my goal really is to be green, frugal and simple and still feel fabulous at the end of the day. So, my first mission well, kind of like the 2nd mission. My first mission was upcycling old furniture to new. So, my 2nd mission is spending less on everyday things, like food – grocery bills. I was curious how much people are spending on groceries for a family of 4 to see how I compared. So ofcourse I start every adventure with a google search! I actually came across this blog from a wordpress neighbor. I think that I am spending around $130.00 a week, (if this is true, then I’m doing better than most) but this may be a figment of my imagination. So starting now and for the next 30 days I will be keeping track of my spending and hopefully saving. Today is payday so I’m making my grocery list and will be heading to the store. Let me see if my estimates are anywhere near what I think they are.