Being the bigger person

I’m tired of being the bigger person. I’m tired of doing the right thing all the time, as I am saying this I also, know that I will in the end do the right thing anyway, because IT IS THE RIGHT thing to do! But Grrrrrrr! I’m always the first to apologize. The first to forgive, to forget, to make amends, to say everybody makes mistakes, to agree to disagree. But sometimes I get tired of being railroaded. I bite my tongue. I don’t hit below the belt. And, yet some how the story gets turned, I feel guilty for a reason unknown to me and I just let go! Which is what I need to do in this instance.. JUST LET IT GO!!! but GRRRRR!

I have daydreamed though of screaming at the rude, un-hurried and inattentive waitress who brought me the complete opposite of what I asked for, but no  I eat it and still leave a 20% tip.

I have fantasized about throwing my coke in the face of the fast food lane guy who, obviously does not want to be working and could care less if my fries are cold, gave me the wrong change and forgot to put my screaming child’s nuggets in the bag and then argues that I even ordered them. But, I just apologize for inconveniencing¬† “HIM” and I stop at the next fast food joint and grab more nuggets.

One day I’m going to do it. I’m going to just sit in the left turn lane until it turns green again when the inpatient person behind me honks for me to go before I even have time to take my foot of the brake and accelerate the micro second the light does turn green. I’m going to park my car, get out and ask them “do you need something?, because you couldn’t have possibly been honking at me to go, the second the light turned green?”

A girl can dream.