Something to do

I have not even attempted making, creating, sewing, inventing anything in last few weeks since my brothers wedding! I have however begun “working on my fitness!”
I have recently been bitten by the project bug and have my head full of ideas!
I bought a crochet needle and yarn last night! I have been seeing all of these fabulous toys, blankets and everything else yarn and needle that I HAD to buy a something to practice on. I haven’t crocheted since I was… let’s just say a very, very long time ago! And, the great thing about knitting and crochet is that it is pretty cheap! One trip to Joannes and $5 bucks later I was ready to get my fingers twisted up in yarn!

And, I can also, watch tv and pay attention to my son and the puppies while I knit at the same time! haha! I can even crochet at work or in the car as I wait for KeVaughn to finish skateboarding! And, should I become ambitious enough I could make a blanket or whatever they are called to keep warm… because I live in Florida but it is FREEZING!!!!

Post pics soon!