wasting money

As my promise to try and get back on track with being frugal I am on the prowl for new ways to save money and ways to stop wasting money.. I ran across the article on CNN and it puts a BIG FAT Spot light on how much debt we have a massed for ourselves. And how we are suckers for most crap! Myself  included!
4 Ways Americans are wasting money



Started a new blog today. I keep thinking that my frugal blog has turned into a crazy buffet of so many things and nothing frugal has even really popped up lately. my new blog Dreamersbware.wordpress.com is going to be my new dream journal. I have the craziest dreams ever and so do a few other people I know. So, I figured what a great place to track them and share with the world.. or if nothing else keep track of my crazy thoughts.

That brings me back to also, getting back on track… well, I have been getting back on track but I haven’t really blogged about it. I have some new projects I am going to be starting this week. I have been so busy just keeping up with out my husband home that I fell off my creative project wagon and into just move it or lose it I have no time for this mode…. no good!

Any who! I will make an effort to post my projects and any new frugal ideas moments or alerts as I run across them!

On the Up-Ramp

I did it I signed up for a membership! It is not your average gym, this place is amazing! http://www.crossfit-sarasota.com. They are all over the US and man I am so glad that I found it. I am going to be fit in no time. My goal is too look like Carrie Underwood by my 30th Birthday… I’m gonna be 30 in 6 1/2 weeks so everybody wish me luck!

*Also, would like to add that I have a FRUGAL ALERT* Although this gym is not the cheapest.. when I signed up I had the choice of doing a personal class or a small group class. The price difference in them was significant so I chose the latter… well to my benefit and what may also be my demise the few people that signed up for the group class switched for personal ones and I got the group rate and still have my personal trainer!!!! Wahoo for me. What I am finding out that a personal trainer catches all and there are no short cuts.. coming home last night I wasn’t sure I would be able to lift my keys to turn on the car.. haha!

The benefit to the gym they also have a nutrition plan, so this will get me back on track with my meal planning and therefore hopefully my budget, Also, my honey joined a gym so he will be completely fine with a healthier meal plan!

I haven’t posted in forever and therefore I also have not slept in forever, I haven’t had a chance to clear the clutter. This has been a very busy month for me. My hubby is still out of town most of the time so it is just me trying to keep up with everything. I wanted to start working out so that I could have the energy to JUST try!

The madness from my Brothers wedding is now behind us! Congrats to them! Everything came out amazing! It was a group effort and a lot of work, but it was sweet success! I can not wait for them to get back from their honeymoon so I can hear all the fun they had!

So, with all that said I still have a list of projects that hopefully now I will have time for. Thanks to the best Aunt in the world I was able to fulfill one of my dreams and now I have a Bernina Sewing machine! It is kind of like getting a BMW, no mater new or used it is a BMW! And I love it. I haven’t done anything major yet besides make a few luggage tags and prompt to pillows for the reception, but I have been searching for a few new things that I would like to dabble in… Maybe make a few dollars at!

I have also, been spending lots of time looking for a family vacation and it amazes me how I could go to California for a week, and for the same price go to Europe!! Which is where I am leaning toward.. Ireland, the Mother Land I found some great deals for all inclusive packages and it is definitely on the top of my priority list. Another reason to get back on track and and save save save!

Well, I guess that is all I have for now! I will make sure to update… I have photos from the wedding of the crafts and decor we created and future events!


Time to re-vamp

I have been in a big bucket! No motivation. No energy. No inspiration. I’m trying to re-vamp all that! I’m starting by getting my butt kicked into shape and finding some new projects to keep me busy!

Frugal Black Fridays

Now, I did mention that the definition of frugal is to not be wasteful… but in my opinion it also means getting the best deal. I ran across this article today on and thought Holy crap great deals are a coming! Target is having $3 appliances and some really great low prices on the stuff we all want but don;t really need, but if we have to have it, then why not get it at a killer price!


Happy shopping!

Beeeeeeeeer again.

I recently posted about my new obsession with BEER! So, this week my addiction has been turned on to Stone Smoked Porter! It is dark, and smooth with a little smoke flavor, hence the name, and absolutely breath taking and mouth watering at the same time. (I better be careful that sounds like the combination of drowning)

Organized madness

I was trying to show someone my blog the other day and as I looked from the eyes of “the viewer” I couldn’t help but think (even more than I do) WTF, am I thinking! My thoughts and therefore my blog is all over the place! It is nothing more than… well in reality a snap shot of my mind on a daily basis… but where is the focus.  Needless to say, I am in the mind frame, at this moment anyway, to try and organize my thoughts better. I’m thinking I should maybe have 5 blogs or a million depending on my post for the day! Or maybe I just need to learn how to utilize my categories better or something! If anyone has figured this out please give me suggestions.

I’m pretty sure that my resume says that I am detailed and organized… dear god please don’t let whomever may read my resume ever see the way my mind really works.

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