Started a new blog today. I keep thinking that my frugal blog has turned into a crazy buffet of so many things and nothing frugal has even really popped up lately. my new blog is going to be my new dream journal. I have the craziest dreams ever and so do a few other people I know. So, I figured what a great place to track them and share with the world.. or if nothing else keep track of my crazy thoughts.

That brings me back to also, getting back on track… well, I have been getting back on track but I haven’t really blogged about it. I have some new projects I am going to be starting this week. I have been so busy just keeping up with out my husband home that I fell off my creative project wagon and into just move it or lose it I have no time for this mode…. no good!

Any who! I will make an effort to post my projects and any new frugal ideas moments or alerts as I run across them!


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