Organized madness

I was trying to show someone my blog the other day and as I looked from the eyes of “the viewer” I couldn’t help but think (even more than I do) WTF, am I thinking! My thoughts and therefore my blog is all over the place! It is nothing more than… well in reality a snap shot of my mind on a daily basis… but where is the focus.  Needless to say, I am in the mind frame, at this moment anyway, to try and organize my thoughts better. I’m thinking I should maybe have 5 blogs or a million depending on my post for the day! Or maybe I just need to learn how to utilize my categories better or something! If anyone has figured this out please give me suggestions.

I’m pretty sure that my resume says that I am detailed and organized… dear god please don’t let whomever may read my resume ever see the way my mind really works.


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