ENGAGE – Value 7 of a winning personal brand (via John McLachlan)

I cannot believe that I have managed to have never even read a blog much less have my own. I have gained so much knowledge, insight and a few laughs along the way. I am re-posting the following post, because it really explains the importance of getting your self out there and the best way to get yourself out there, which is exactly what most of us want.. the reason we blog our lives or experience so that people read it and to engage.

I am trying to break into the Marketing world without going back to school, which may be a stupid road but at this point I just can not go back to school. I know, I have a lot of the know how, I have a degree in business, I have taken Marketing classes and I have done small Marketing jobs… I am sure that there is plenty to be learned in school, but wouldn’t experience teach me just as much if not more?
I just need to get my foot into the door.

ENGAGE – Value 7 of a winning personal brand Engaging is where it gets fun. It’s where the “magic” happens. It’s also where most of us almost get to before stopping short. Engaging online is not much different than being at a party or a networking event and either sitting and not saying anything or choosing to stand up and add to the conversation. When you engage, people notice you and if you have something to say, they remember you as well. It’s the same online. People want to be seen. Fiv … Read More

via John McLachlan


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