Frugal Alert 10/19/10

So, it has been awhile since I have posted a frugal alert! But, it has been awhile since I felt that I found a GREAT DEAL!

Well, I have been wanting to re-upholster this old chair that I have and love but have been putting it off. Well, not so much putting it off I have been busy with other things, and I wasn’t going to spend hundreds of dollars to do it, so I was waiting for the right opportunity! Any WHo.. I did.

I had to run into Joanne’s yesterday looking for Crepe paper which does not exist where I live and thought hey check out the clearance rack. The clearance rack was not just the CLEARANCE rack it was a plus 50% more off the clearance rack !!! Wahoo! I found a few different fabrics that I fell in love with but had to settle on one. So the fabric was originally $26.00 a yard. It was marked down to $9.00 a yard and then 50% off that yes I did! I bought great fabric for $4.50 a yard. I bought 3 yards and so a grand total of….. dun dun dun….. $$13.40

So, I have to run back before the sale ends on the 23rd, because I need new foam for the seat cushion and that’snot the cheapest stuff to buy, but If I can walk away with a brand new looking chair for less than $50 I will be a VERY VERY happy FRUGAL chick! I will have to put up pictures of said chair, because it is fabulous and I haven’t done anything to it. I seen one just like it in the pottery barn mag for like $500 dollars! SO PB eat your heart out and weep!


I better save my trash talk for after I finish my project… I don’t want to jinx the situation! Patience is so a virtue!


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