What is Frugal?

So, like I stated I am jump starting my frugal attempts. Which means also, budgeting and saving a little piece of the pie each month. I’m great at finding deals and looking for bargains, but at the end of the day is that being frugal when I still spend all my money and nothing is in the savings account?
frugal [ˈfruːgəl]
1. practising economy; living without waste; thrifty
2. not costly; meagre
[from Latin frūgālis, from frūgī useful, temperate, from frux fruit]

Well, from that definition, I guess I can be frugal and still be broke. As, long as I am not wasting anything.. I’m frugal.
Ok – well, How can I be frugal and be a money saver? I guess wasting money could count as not being frugal. hhhhmmmmmm


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