Trying to be frugal in a relationship

So, I started this blog with the anticipation of charting my life and finances and crafts and ideas so that I could figure where my money was going and be so proud of myself to know that I DO save money and I could watch myself mass a pile of money, from all my frugalness.

Well, this is obviously easier said then done. The hardest part is having a partner that doesn’t think the same way I do. Well, that’s not the hardest part. The hardest part is having a partner that doesn’t have the ability to track… wait a second.. I guess tracking is hard for me too. OK, the hardest part is not having a partner that is better at all these things than I am.  The other hard part is that my income is easier to track because I know how much and when. His income is sporadic, being that he works for himself and has a partner he has to split money with. A business partner.

So, because of these reasons my frugal challenge becomes more challenging. Another, bump in my route to saving money and finding balance. How can I be balanced on a bumpy road?! I try to see the end result but now I feel like I am walking on a financial tightrope during a hurricane.

Am, I making things harder than they really are?

Do I need an attitude adjustment? Do I need a financial gorilla to show me the way?

Am I thinking too much about money and saving it?

What am I not getting? missing? forgetting to apply? Is it me? is it him? is it us?


So, because of the other challenges my blog has gone from, trying to be frugal and crafts and up-cycling to relationship how to’s and complications of life in general. Half the things I start writing about have little to nothing to do with money and being frugal and finding great deals or even spending less on groceries to, to, to this…

How can I make my challenge work? How can I maintain a budget and balanced life and actually be frugal in my marriage?


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