New and Old Projects

So, the weekend is approaching and I have a list of projects that I hope to start and even accomplish this weekend. Which may be a little difficult because Most of Sunday is Dedicated to football. haha! Well I am trying to get my house together as I have said my husband and I got married 5 months ago and moved into a bigger home so I am trying to make it homie-ish. We both didn’t have a bunch a stuff to start with so as any first time home owner knows it takes a little time.

We have all the major items like furniture, Now for the hard part… filling in the spaces. So I have been on a man-hunt to find things like curtains and pictures and vases.. you know the crap that is needed to make the house feel welcoming.

My first instict was to make curtains, but after stopping by Jo-annes picking out fabric and having them cut the fabric.. I realized that making curtains really wasn’t the economical way to go. I found great Linen curtains on clearance at Marshalls for way less then what I was going to pay at Joannes even with my 50% coupon… and buying them was just the start, I would still have to make them… Which I do love a good project, this time though the cost didn’t out way the benefit and I have a bunch of stuff to do to get my house ready for Emily Shower in a month, not to mention plan the shower.

So, I have made of list of what I am buying for my house this weekend to make it fabulous on a budget… When I put up the pics on Sunday or Monday you will be amazed! (I hope) At what I found and what I spent!

Also, I have have have to finish making the invitations that I started. I am half way there so that is a good thing.

I would like to take the fabric off that chair I want to re-upholster and I have a few ideas for art in the bathroom that I want to make.


1. Curtains buy and then put them up.

I bought the curtains I had my eye on…. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that they look good in my living room.

2. Finish shower invites

Invitations are done and in the mail.

3. Guest bathroom wall art.

This one is really at a stand still… But I have a feeling a new inspiration will replace my original thoughts on this “wall art”

4. Take off the fabric from old chair.. and try and find new fabric.

I think that will fill up most of my time.. I also must make time for the beach I’m starting to look like a northerner… I need my vitamin D or I go insane.

So, Like I like to say.. because I am a dork. Don’t B Plastic B green! Have a great weekend and lets all cheer for the Bears and hope that they KICK THE CRAP OUT OF THE GIANTS ON SUNDAY!!!!!

Here is a pic of my GOOD LUCK CHARM! Eli my new football buddy!


"good luck charm"

Go BEARS!!!!


To follow Eli updates check out his Mom’s Blog…


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