Finding balance in joint-checking

If you have ever been in a relationship whether co-habitating or married, the money conversation must be made. Even if both parties have their own accounts there are some bills that need to be split and or shared. Which is fine. I’m all for it. Right now I have been married for 5 months. I have been living with my hubby for almost 2 years prior to that.  When we first met he was doing international consulting making more money, then I could even imagine and so he paid for everything.

Well, I paid for my bills and things we were not living together at this point but he paid for everything else, he paid for entertainment and dinners and clothes and shopping sprees and all day at the spa treatments.

We were getting serious and he had wanted to stop working as a consultant. He was contantly on the road sometimes a month at a time and he wanted to be home. Make a home. So we agreed that we would have to cut back on the extravagance and just enjoy what we had.

This was fine for me. I never really had money to throw away and was used to having to watch where my money went and cutting coupons and slowly saving for something that I really wanted. Not so much for him.

After many trials and errors… which we are still in trial and error episodes, we finally decided that I would take control of the money. Well, the money that is needed to cover house espenses. living expenses. I added up the bills and split the number in half. I opened up a joint account and said you put this much money into the account every month and I put this much money into the account every month and walah bills are paid and we still have seperate accounts for ourselves to do with as we want.

Easy right?

Money is never easy.

How do you find the balance in joint accounts?

And, how should a savings account be viewed? I always thought you never touch savings until you pay for what you saved for….

I’m sure someone has figured this out, please enlighten me.

What is the best way to get the house expenses paid, without the confusion of mine, yours and ours?

Do I just need to change my attitude about finances? Or is more then just a mental adjustment needed?

Please Help!


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