Oh so many benefits of Papaya

I was first introduced to this phenomenon during my early 20’s when I couldn’t control my liquor intake and had many mornings when I wanted to just DIE!. A co-worker told me to drink papaya juice, and that is when I started believing.  Then years later I came across the tablets. These tablets are amazing! They help with everything from my occasional hearburn, IBS, tummy aches, bloating and gas! I was reading the attached article and have been enlightened to all the other benifits this miracale fruit has in its insides!

I’m not trying to get to gross but I do know that after years of being on Pepcid and tums and 7up, this stuff WORKS!!!! The great thing is that you can find it in most drug stores and health food stores. It is usually by the vitamins in the digestive health section. I have turned so many  people on to this that I should be sponsered to a life time supply! Which brings another point! These miracle tablets are pretty cheap. Especially if you are on medication for digestive problems.

All you have to do is just chew a few whenever! before, after or  during your meals… Just eat them, and you only need a few.

In a short time you will be feeling normal again.



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