Borrow = frugal unless you break it!

So, I am very much so trying to control my spending, save a little and STILL enjoy life! So, to see the BIG picture you have to have little pictures.  You have to allow for living of life otherwise you really aren’t living you’re just a robot, a very stressed out robot.

So, we are going to go camping this weekend! We love camping! There is nothing like smelling like burnt wood, fresh air, and becoming one with nature. Camping is a great mini vacation and if you know what you are doing it can be a cheap thrill! If you are going camping for the first time it can get a little pricey but we have been doing this for years. Well, I actually haven’t gone camping in 2 years but I have been doing it for years. So. We already have things and thanks to my many many friends and family they have and let me borrow what I am lacking.  SO!  Borrow = frugal unless you break it. So don’t break anything that you borrow and your good to go!

The great thing about camping is that IF you  need to buy supplies they can last for a long time and get many many uses so that the memories you can create will outweigh the cost. “WORTH THE MONEY is what I am saying!”

So, Monday I will have lots of pictures and suggestions and recommendations and memories to share. Right now I gotta jet… I’m going camping!

Have a great weekend! and LETS GO BEARS!!!!!!!!


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