Weekend is quickly approaching

So, I have been pretty lax the last few weeks as far as creating projects. I have been very focused on saving money instead of paying for my expensive hobbies of “it would be so much cheaper if I did it myself” projects, because 75%of the time they are never cheaper.  SO.

My Brother is getting married in two months and so I have been trying to decide what I can get them and what I can make for them. I have a few ideas, I’m a little wary of sharing them because I do know that “she” reads my blog. But, I did find a few projects that I would like to practice this weekend, and they are cheap because I have all the materials already.

The other thing that I have been wanting to do is make curtains for the… whole house to be honest, but I think that I will have to start with my living room. I am SO over the cheap blinds that are there. Well, they will technically be there still, but I am adding character and warmth by putting up curtains. So, I have been a little bored today so I started browsing the web and ran across some great ideas on Better Homes and Gardens website. I also, received in the mail yesterday a BIG flyer of coupons from Joanne’s fabric store so this may be my sign from the craft gods to start a small new project. I have saved money this week and I have paid all my bills and there is absolutly nothing wrong with making your house a home.  If I find a great deal on fabric this weekend I may have new curtains soon! If not then I will be living without them for a while longer.

I also, always first check at my favorite Goodwill stores for fabric or sheets that I can use to make things. If I can up-cycle something then that always makes me feel better knowing that I am being green. It is that time of year when people start cleaning their homes out getting ready for the holiday season.

Have a great weekend everybody! and like I always say.. don’t b plastic. b green!


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