OMg! Happily Living on $18k a year

So I was just browsing MSN and as usual I found something that caught my interest, especially since I am actively trying to be frugal in my expenses and have more financial freedom to do things I love like travel, being th biggest reason I want to save more money. This article interviews three people. Single people. But three people that are living on $18k a year or less by choice. The biggest thing that all state is they know exactly where their money is going and so that Is why I have been tracking my expenses and it has been a week well 5 days and I have been doing pretty darn good. I started using the form that I found on and have so far been able to stick to it. I’m trying hard to last the month, my problem is never the unlimited wealth of ideas but sticking to these ideas that I have. So for those of you who are also, trying to bite the bullet and spend less and be happy here are three great inspirations.

One in particular started a blog Advanced Riskology... imagine that but he does have great information and inspiration, you will definitely want to check him out!


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  1. Tyler Tervooren
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 11:54:24

    Hey there! Really glad you’re enjoying Advanced Riskology.

    If you need a little help keeping up with your budget, I use a free web-based program called mint (

    You can link up all your financial accounts and it will track all your spending/saving for you automatically. I love it.


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