Getting back to “DA” Budget

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I am probably not the only one that has problems staying on track with a budget. Yes, I know how much I spend on bills and then it all gets a little foggy when after each paycheck I can not figure out where my money has gone.  On paper I should be racking in the BIG BUCKS! I should have lots of money left over, I should have all my bills paid and credit cards paid off and a BIG nest egg. But in reality I have a very little nest egg so little we won’t even call it an egg yet. and yes my bills are paid but my credit card balances should be less than what they are.

I try to track my spending and I still can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Usually though when I try to track spending after day 3 I have already lost my motivation and or thought process (thank you ADD) but all this being said. I found this tracking form on (one of my fav magazines.) So this week I am going to TRY once again to TRACK my spending. If you are one like me that has this problem, maybe this will help. AND, If anyone out there has other suggestions please, please share!

I think I need to also change my mind over that budget does not have to be a painful thing! But a fun thing! I think budget and my first inclination is to want to go buy something. So if anyone has suggestions on changing the way I look at spending please feel free to throw that in as well.

So Starting TODAY MONDAY 8/30/10. I’m tracking my spending. I’m putting this form in my purse next to my wallet so that I will be reminded. I will let you know what I have resolved.


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