This is an alert that “I” actually had an occurrence of being frugal. About 5 years ago I bought this BIG picture frame at Target on clearance. I paid $10.00 for it. The picture inside was this Brandy vintage poster print that I really didn’t like but I bought it because I knew that one day I was going to have the perfect picture to put in it and you can not get a frame this size for $10.00 so…. Again 5 years, 3 apartments, 2 boyfriends, 1 fiancé and 1 husband later I am married and “I DO” have the perfect picture to put in this frame.

I discovered “shutterfly” and I blew up one of our prints to a nice 16×20 for $24.00 and when I took out the OLD ugly vintage brandy print I realized that the matting was not working. So I went to the wonderful world of Michaels (I say this with angelic music playing in the background) I bought the mat and they cut it to size for FREEEEEEEE! And I brought that wonderful perfectly cut and sized mat home and I framed that wonderful picture. Oh I was so amazed that they cut it for free I didn’t add that the mat boards were $5.99 a piece minus my 40% off coupon on one item.. so I ended up paying a little over $10 bucks. So I spent less than $50 bucks on a wonderful big picture. Framed and matted.

Can’t beat that with a bat! Na uh nah uh! I’m a little proud of myself. Should someone actually be able to beat that price… I don’t want to know. Normally I would gladly be open to comments, but I am in my glory here and I don’t want to be reigned down.

OH my god I just realized that not only was I frugal… BUT I just up-cycled that frame! See here is a lesson to everyone, start doing things!By starting these great habits they soon become automatic. You don’t even realize that you are doing them. 2nd nature. That goes for bad habits so don’t start those just good habits.

Don’t B plastic B green!


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