not so frugal… but trying really hard

So I think that I have written this about 5 times and it will not save and so I’m getting frustrated. I’m a full time admin asst. and I usually have nothing to do. So I sit behind this computer and surf the web and look for things to do. I usually am trying to find ideas of things that I want to make or grocery shop or looking for good deals on things that I usually do not need. I always try and save money and I love 2nd hand stores and such. But no matter how hard I try being frugal it never really ends up being frugal at the end. So this is my life of projects and thoughts of how things make sense to me in the begining but head in another direction. I happen to have a loving husband who supports all my efforts to DIY and create! But I have a feeling that one day he will see that I’m just a crazy girl with ADD and a obsession to MAKE things! haha


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