Charlie Crazy eye’s Puppy says good-bye…

So the time has come for Charlie to say bye bye’s to his balls 😦  I’m sorry, it is just that his marking all over the house has become expensive and I would like a nice rug and the house to smell of lemons and lavender and not like a trip to the zoo.

The reason I am posting this because it falls under “saving money” on pet care. After much research meaning “GOOGLE” I have found that most Counties offer a low-cost surgery center, instead of going to the vet you can find one of these centers and the cost is discounted. I searched for Sarasota county and they required that you have low income to qualify.. and even though I never feel like I have money. The county feels otherwise. So I looked into my neighboring county Manatee. And they provide the service regardless of income. So Wahoo! TO ME!. $55 bucks vs. the $250.00 my vet was going to charge me.

Yeah so when it was $250 and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to afford it; it really didn’t bother me, sometimes I even yelled at little crazy eyes after finding that he marked all over my new curtains “I’m getting you balls chopped off!”. But now that this has become more of a reality I’m so emotional that my little crazy puppy is losing his man hood! He loves his balls! He loves licking them and laying them on the cold tile floor! They make him feel big and strong even at almost 10lbs he feels like super DOG! This just seems so wrong now! So in instances like these I ask my super awesome Husband to please take Charlie because I can not take the time off of work!


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