Learning to be frugal part Duece

So, I said that I was going to keep track of my spending, and see how I compared to others… well, maybe this weekend wasn’t the best time to start. I have already lost track and plus it is school shopping season. So, I’m spending more because I have to.  So If I should follow my spending now then it wouldn’t really be a true calculation. Also, we have already ate out Friday and Saturday like breakfast lunch and dinner.  So my budget I’m sure has been blown, and I haven;t even been to the grocery store yet. I guess just for poop and giggles I could look at my bank statement. I may do that and let you know how frugal my weekend was or probably was not.

Let me see… Ok – so this wasn’t as bad as I originally thought.

Friday night mexican dinner – $31.64

Saturday breakfast – $14.43

Saturday dinner – $19.50

Publix – grocery shopping – $ 97.61

So… total for week so far is… $ 163.18

(this isn’t so bad) considering that we went out to eat 3 times. I did buy enough food for most of the week.  And I have had leftovers for lunch yesterday and today. (which is always a frugal thing to do) remember waste not; want not.

8/27/10 – Update on grocery spending… I’m still doing well below average. I have eaten leftovers from lunch everyday now. (I did spend $3.00) the other day for lunch because there were no leftovers and today i will need to buy lunch but besides that I have been doing an amazing job on keeping my grocery budget low.

I will need to go shopping this weekend so if I can keep it under a $100 bucks I will be so proud of myself. I have made my menu and I think that I can so keep it.  Well, Now that I think about it I don’t think that I made a clear budget. I’m just hoping that I spend around $130.00 a week a $520.00 a month. The current national average is $537.00. So If I can be average I will be happy and if I am below average I will be excited! If I am above average I will try harder. haha. I’m such a dork. amazing what pure boredom does to ones mind.


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