Going in circles on the short bus…

So, most people think that I am crazy. I however know that I am crazy. My husband tries to make me feel good so he uses cool words like eccentric. Which I was proud of that word until I looked up the meaning and it looked at the synonyms (screwball, queer, nut case…) okay honey love you too! 😉 haha.

Well, I like drinking out the crazy cup! It makes me smile and keeps me from dropping over dead with boredom.

So yesterday I put on what I hope to be the final coat of paint of my un-needed lingerie chest. But now it is cool because I can label it “up-cycled” lingerie chest which makes it more interesting, politically correct and most of all I’m being green. I was aiming at frugal but I’m just as secure and content with “Green”  – lean green money spending machine… yeah! Sorry I get lost in thought and song at times.

I had this idea once. I was obviously bored and I thought if I could get a job interview and when I got there just sang my responses. Sang them in a BroadWay style sing song voice. Haha! IIII”MMM Proficient at word— and a master at excellll.. booom bop to bop yeah! And so on. This scenario kept me entertained for hours in my little cubicle world. Oh the things I could sing and the reaction that I would get. I would totally land the job “IF” the person that was interviewing me had any type of personality. And, if I were to be asked to leave then I would know for sure that we weren’t a good fit.

Sometimes you need signs to say “Hey! This just isn’t going to work” or you need someone to just say it. Subtle hints aren’t always so easily picked up on, and one could be taken the wrong way…. When in doubt sing it out. I find this to be most effective when communicating important matters. Also, breaks the ice and can make a tough discussion more light to the one you have to fire!

Well, after I revive my dead camera I will  get the pictures up. I’m lost to where the charger could be hiding but plan on doing a massive search for it this evening.  I really want to show off my “Up-cycled” lingerie chest. And some other projects I started and hope to finish this week.


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