Let the words from my brain flow-ith

the shell is done

So I think I am going to start a blog of my own, something to do when I am bored out of mind at work. A place to remember all the great ideas I have; of things I want to try and create when I get off work. Or what I need to buy at lunch to start a project, I just found or thought of. I was thinking that maybe I could have one of those frugal web sites and teach people how to be frugal. But after checking my receipts and bank account I don’t think what I do would qualify for anything cheap or frugal…
I thought I would be frugal so I bought a used piece of wood furniture ($20.00) and I wanted to paint it and make It beautiful and it would be SOOOO much cheaper then buying something new. I bought a lingerie chest so you can visualize with me.
Well, $60.00 bucks later I’m not so sure if I made a frugal move or not and I still have to buy the knobs. But looking on-line the cheapest I could have gotten a brand new lingerie chest for is $150.00 and who knows if that is real wood, like the one I have is. So half of the price for a cheap new one… In my book that is considered frugal. I really didn’t need the lingerie chest so that again might fall on the side of NOT frugal. Haha. But I have paint left now to paint something else a beautiful tropical water blue/green. I have no clue what that might be. I’m going to have to buy something if I want to paint something because I have nothing to paint. So there I am tottering on that so very fine frugal line again. I will post pictures, so you can admire my not so frugalness.
If I sell it and make my money back plus a few bucks would I be back on the frugal side?


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