Honey… Have you seen my keys?

Almost have it finished

I spend most time at work, behind my desk bored out of my mind. So this gives me time to reflect and think about all the things I want to do and make. My Husband wanted a place to put his key’s because he seems to lose them more times then a pigeon poops on pedestrians in new york city:

I say ” I know I will get us one of those wall key hook thingys” so I start looking and I always start on google, for I am a religious google freak.  I see this pattern of how much those suckers cost. THIRTY dollars and UP so I think to myself I can so make one. I then have to google “how to” sites and then I check out Etsy for more creative ideas, then I google the ideas I have. In this instance I see the pretty paper and what is called decoupage – ing. SO the web site I am reading states: “that this is cheap and easy way to change decor” so I research the materials needed and run to my nearest Micheals and begin to buy the items needed:

Wood plaque – $5.99

Yes I did


one piece of pretty paper – .99c

small modge podge glue – $3.99

paint – $1.39

3 Hooks – $2.99 each – (I did have $1.56 of store credit available)

So let me see how much I spent so far: $21.36

and I still need to buy the little gator hooks for the back so that I am able to hang it on the wall.

So now when I get home I get to start the process of making this wonderful little key hook. I’m starting to feel a little depressed becuase I have not saved money yet by doing this and that was why I wanted to do it in the first place.

Almost have it finished

 I love it!

I will say though that after I finished my family then notified me that they are not BIG paisley fans.  “How can you not love paisley?” And why didn’t they say something before I glued the paper on? OH WELL! I love it and they are just going to have to live with it until I decide to make a new one.

I finished! yay to me!


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